The Myth of the Evil Salesman

It’s an old cliché’ – the pushy door-to-door salesman wedging his foot to keep the hapless homeowner’s door open so he can push his substandard product.

It plays into another myth still out there – and as a business owner, you might be struggling with it yourself…

MYTH 2: People who are selling are doing us a disservice.

In reality, “Salespeople” are generally good. That doesn’t mean you want to have them over for Thanksgiving turkey, but a good salesperson listens and facilitates an even-handed buying decision on your part. They are doing you a service.

Think back to a time you bought something that you really wanted… maybe even today… that made you feel good.

You might feel better about yourself in the right article of clothing; see yourself as a good negotiator because you got a great deal; or believed you finally discovered the perfect electronics item with all the bells and whistles, constructed in a sleek, modern way.

Provided he or she was courteous, the person (or entity) who led you to that proud purchase is likely someone you appreciated at some level.

Sure… there are bad salespeople out there. So what? There’s plenty of bad everything. Sales is just a profession and a skillset like any other.

But the mistaken notion that sales is “in and of itself” not ethical or honorable not only hurts our ability to self-promote, it also fails to make anyone’s life any better.

It you have a quality product, you owe it to your prospective customers to do everything ethically possible to make sure they have the opportunity to benefit!

NOT doing so is the real disservice you should avoid. You can’t create positive transformations if you never give them the chance.

Direct Response Advertising is the tool we recommend to give them those chances.