Mythbustin’ – Advertising is What?

Over my next several posts, I’m going to do a bit of “mythbustin'” on some of the most common, yet patently false myths that far too many business owners – myself included – believe that hold us back.

Today, we’re going to cover:

Myth 1: Advertising is a method of getting people to purchase things they don’t want or need.

Here’s the truth – humans want and need products and services. It’s a very basic human drive, this instinctive urge to engage in “tool making” and “hunting-gathering.” From our ancestors to today, these instincts ensure we’re always on the lookout for something external to our being that will help us live better, happier lives.

Filtering, assessing, and acquisition are unavoidable human traits, which are good. Being consumers in the prehistoric sense is what preserved us from being consumed in the literal sense.

But there is a grain of truth to this myth – not EVERYONE needs EVERY product.

Most advertisers work diligently to make people aware of their products. And as a result, quite often what jumps to mind when you say the word “advertising” is something that’s highly stylized, oversexed, and packed with fluff. That’s because the powerful imagery often used does a great job of leaving that impression… but with most ads, they do little else and in particular they don’t produce the results YOU as a business owner want.

The fact is, most advertising is ineffective, goes unnoticed, and lacks any depth or creativity. Our prehistoric “gathering” sensors instantly reject it because it’s not speaking “to us.”
Direct Response Advertising takes a totally different approach.

Successful Direct Response has the constant, unique element of always pointing out a problem or a need – which the product or service aims to resolve for YOU personally. Indeed, Direct Response typically poses a question in your mind: “Are they talking to me?”

Compare this to a typical car ad that consists of little more than an empty road and a single auto heading for the sunset. It “might” be for me… I like empty roads and sunsets… but what else is there that meets MY needs?

The very direct nature of this format actually benefits the prospective customer by giving them what they need to self-select an opportunity that’s specific and useful to them. It also helps us as business owners by enabling us to carefully target customers, using specific media, to ask the right question to the right group of customers…

And gets them ENGAGED in the offers you put forward to make their lives better.