How to build a great brand: 5 keys that work on any distribution channel

A big thanks to Tracy Leigh Hazzard for including me in her article on Nitty-Gritty Secrets to Being an Amazon Millionaire.

“Rick Cesari’s take on direct response marketing was spot on. He pointed out that in order to get your direct response marketing message right, you need to make it your job to get insider information and learn to model the success and failures of big brands.”

3rd party selling on Amazon is generating a lot of million dollar plus revenue businesses. Both the risks and rewards can be high. Many sellers are nervous and seeking traditional branding and marketing advice to expand beyond Amazon.

My 5 keys to building a great brand work on any distribution channel.

-Develop a strong USP (Unique Selling Position)

-Position your product correctly

-Deliver real value

-Offer world class customer service. Build a relationship with your customers

-Create and use product testimonials

If you are interested in learning more about:

  • how to target a customer base that continually expands and grows
  • how to create a USP that pushes your product ahead of the competition
  • and how to use compelling messaging that speaks to the unique needs of your customers…

…consider reading Buy Now: creative marketing that gets customers to respond to you and your product (ok, you got me, it’s a shameless plug for my book -Rick)